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When it comes to working for an online based business, there are a number of steps that you can and should take before you decide to commit yourself to them. For example, you should definitely take the time to make sure that the business is completely legitimate, and not some shady “fly by night” operation. Here is a list of a few steps you can take in order to begin researching a home based business, and to ensure that you are working for a legitimate employer.

Do A Google Search For The Company’s Name.

Whatever the name of the company you propose to begin working for may be, type it into Google and see what comes up. Chances are, the Google search engine will return much more than the company’s own official website. For example, there should also be other, completely independent mentions of the company from all manner of other sites. Many times, people will post questions on sites such as Ask Yahoo to get reviews and opinions from other people. Check these and similar websites out before you commit to working for any online based company.

Check The COSE Website

The official COSE (Council of Small Enterprises) website has a host of information concerning smaller, Internet based, businesses. Make use of the information (if any) about the company that may be posted there. For example, you can research the company’s LLC, company ownership, and other related matters. If the company “checks out”, then they are most likely safe to work for. However, if websites such as COSE and the Better Business Bureau turn up no information concerning this company, you can certainly take this as a very bad sign.

Check The Company’s Invitation Or Acceptance Email

If you receive an email from a web based company, which either invites you to work for them or congratulates you on being accepted to work for them, research it. Copy and paste the email and paste it into Google or some other major search engine, and see what comes up. If nothing at all comes up, this is a sign that the email is very likely fraudulent. It could even be a phishing scam.

If The Company Asks For Money Up Front, Don’t Send It

If the company asks you for money upfront before you have even begun to work for them, don’t send it. Don’t reply to their email, either. Instead, report it immediately to COSE or the Better Business Bureau, and let them handle the matter. It may be that the company is fully legal and legitimate, but it may also be that they intend to rip you off. In any case, better safe than sorry.

These are only a few of the many steps that you can and should take when weighing the decision to work for an online based business. Be sure to use good common sense when making your decision. Never be afraid to refer to online authorities who can give you guidance in the matter.

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